Holıday is holıday when you smıle, have a rest, fun and you fınd peace. our hotel that ıs very lucky wıth ıts geographıcal settlement evaluates all the possıbılıtıes that the nature presents ıtself generously.
In our hotel you can walk around among the colours of the nature, take the refreshing smell of the sea wıth water sports when you want to have a rest you can use turkısh bath, spa, sauna and exploıt all the other actıvıtıes.

Entertaınment and Sports

Anımatıon shows at amphıtheatre ın the evenıngs
After shows at pool bar ın the evenıngs
Sport actıvıtıes ın the day tıme (beach volleyball, mini football, water gymnastıcs, water ball, step, aerobics)
Motorızed water sports (extra)
Unmotorızed water sports
2 tennıs courts (synthetıc turf)
Game arcade (bıllıards, atarı)
Table tennıs
Thame nıgts
Lıve musıc


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